About WGD

Washington Graphics Design (WGD) is a Christian based business and is owned and operated by Dewayne Washington.  Dewayne holds degrees in Pre-Press and Multimedia.  With over five years experience and vast creative talents, WGD can take your look to the next level.

WGD offer services to the Christian community as well as the secular community.  We provide solutions to meet your budget, schedules, and goals.  As a Christian design company WGD understands your special marketing and advertising needs.  Whatever you need in graphic design, WGD can service you.  WGD will get the job done right and on time.  WGD knows how to communicate the right message to your customers.

WGD is honest, dependable, and professional.  We specialize in providing the solutions you want at prices you can afford.  Our number one priority is to market and advertise your business to convey your vision, products, and image.

1.  Increase your clients's sales and maximizing profits
2.  Create professional designs which will express who you are
3.  Capture your readers attention and produce the results you
4.  Communicate for you when you can't be there in person

1.  Look at ways where you will stand out
2.  Express your image and the message you need to get across
3.  Setup milestones in reaching your marketing objectives
4.  Convey your message and the benefits you have to offer

1.  Profits will maximize through sales and advertising (Means
     meeting the ends)
2.  New customers come on board using your marketing strategies
3.  Show client different creative marketing techniques

1.  Designes that show you off attract customers
2.  Creativity in designs uniquely set you apart
3.  Utilize state-of-the-art technology using creative and
     professional staff

Contact us and see what our graphic design services can do for you.